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Massage Testimonials

Received 3/5/20 My husband and I have been getting therapeutic massages from Marnene for many years.  In addition to giving a thorough and relaxing massage, she tries to address any health concerns that may be going on in your body, so you leave her massage table feeling rejuvenated.  

I consider Marnene to be a Health Practitioner and an important part of our health regimen, keeping us in the best shape possible as we age.  She is always looking for ways to help her clients maintain good health and provide the best massage experience.  We highly recommend her to our friends and family.

Sandy R.

Product Testimonials

CBD for anxiety

Received 3/1/20  I've been using your CBD spray for about two months now.  I've noticed it really helps me quiet my thoughts before bed so that I can fall asleep easier. I take it and within thirty minutes I'm generally feeling very relaxed. I'm in menopause right now, and sometimes I get insomnia in the middle of the night. I find if I use a single spray in each cheek that I can usually fall asleep within 30 minutes or so due to the relaxation effect that it has.  I've also used it to quiet my anxiety when I go to the dentist. Normally I have to take Ativan for my dental anxiety but that isn't always enough to fully quiet the mental anxiety and also Ativan wears off pretty fast so if I have a longer procedure, I need to take an additional dose which makes me really sleepy.  Last time I went to the dentist, I used Ativan in combination with a spray in each cheek of your CBD and I felt so calm and relaxed. My dentist commented that I did really well that visit too. 

I've been using the CBD rub for about a month now.  As I get older, and try to cope with early onset arthritis, I find I have lots of small day-to-day aches and pains.  I rub it on my shoulders, elbow joints, and wrists before bed or anytime I suddenly have an ache or pain. I'm taking a lot less Tylenol and Ibuprofen as the CBD rub works faster (typically within 5 minutes or so). It's also great to help soothe my middle of the night menopause headaches. I rub a little on my temples and get right back to sleep.  I'm now experimenting with rubbing it on areas where I have edema from having High Blood pressure (treated with medications). I'm sodium sensitive so my legs/ankles tend to swell each day and then shrink overnight, which causes a lot of generalized pain in those areas.  For the most part, modern medicine can't really treat this so maybe the rub can, along with my low sodium diet.

So glad to have these products in my life to ease the little aches and pain and to help me sleep better, and also I'm making huge progress on dental work after many years of not being able to step foot in a dentist due to anxiety.

Heather D.

CBD for pain

Received 11/27/19  I had been using CBD gummies to assist with knee/joint pain and discomfort- continuing with my medical providers interventions. Once introduced to the CBD whole flower fluid products, I saw a noticeable improvement and reduction of joint inflammation and discomfort along with an increased sense of calm. I will continue with my physician directed care and the CBD fluid products for a plan that works for me.   

Susan N. 

CBD for those on the spectrum

 Received 1/13/20  My son has been taking the digestive enzymes, multivitamin with minerals, and B vitamins along with the CBD fluid. Since he has started, he has had less headaches and tremors. He has decided to come off three of his six medications for his autism and behavioral issues. I have seen such a great change in him, also he is aware of those changes. I am so thankful that my friend introduced me to these supplements. The enzymes are such a blessing and such a help.

Stephanie E.   

Received 12/5/19  My son Ethan is 13. He has Asperger’s Syndrome, ADHD, depression, anxiety, and bipolar 1. He is on low dose meds, and whole-flower fluid in a spray. He is now living a normal 13-year-old’s life.

Beth S.   

Received 11/27/19  My son has severe autism and aggressive behaviors. I have been giving him the CBD fluid since February 2019. He sleeps 8 hours a night now and his aggressive behaviors have declined a great deal…I would love to see more kiddos using these products.

Shelley C.